Have you ever played Chick Chick BOOM? It was an easter flashgame back in 2007 – created by the german devolpers extra toxic and sponsored by Nintendo of Europe. There is even a wikipedia page descriping this really funny advertising game:

Chick Chick Boom was an online Flash game created for Easter 2007 by Extra Toxic and sponsored by Nintendo of Europe. (The two companies had previously cooperated in a similar project called Mission in Snowdriftland.) The game launched on April 3, 2007.

The game was only playable through the month of April. Extra Toxic disabled play on April 30.

Chick Chick Boom is a single-player artillery game. The player commands a team of yellow-colored chicks and must use weaponry and defensive items to defeat the opposing team of black-colored chicks, led by a black Easter Bunny nicknamed the “Poster Bunny”. To activate a weapon or defense item, the player needs to trace an image with a certain degree of accuracy for it to register and activate. Like Mission in Snowdriftland, Chick Chick Boom was scored by Fabian Del Priore.
Source: Wikipedia page about Chick Chick Boom

Sadly the game was only playable for short time and soon people talked about waiting for a DS- or Wii-Port – two really nice devices to easily draw the attack and defense gestures of the game. And well… after long time of waiting here it comes. The official site chick-chick-boom.com has just been updated and – surprise! – the game will be available as WiiWare title!

Here are some screenshots and as you can see graphics and characters are really sweet:

Chick Chick BOOM Screenshot

Chick Chick BOOM Screenshot

I really can’t await battling against a team of chicks using a giant ‘Crazy Crab’ and drawing other crazy attacks. I’m sure there will be some information-update soon, so stay tuned!


extra toxic (with its game label tons of bits) is the company I worked at during my vocational training. So it happend I was able to follow the first part of the development process of Chick Chick BOOM and even to help here and there (as far as a flash developer can help making a WiiWare title…).

It was a nice and exciting experience and the main reason I’m doing some advertising at this place – I know this game will be a ton of fun!

Update 2:

Tons of bits are now on Twitter, announcing the first Chick Chick BOOM ingame video. Check it out!